Question around REP7

A new REP7 proposal had been posted today about increasing inflation rewards of xRULER staker to 100 / day (from 40): Snapshot

I personally don’t see the point of incentivizing xRuler stakers further as for now as not much value is being provided by simply parking their tokens there – and have thereby voted “against”. The additional ~20 bps is not exorbitant but just want to make sure we are not handing rulers away too freely.

Would love to be enlightened otherwise!

Edit 1: I could see the key to the proposal being “all holders of $Ruler” that includes the team / advisors, whereby the additional 60 would be to make sure non-team staking wouldn’t be diluted as the team / advisors come in. At its core it’d benefit myself also but personally don’t see a strong need of such.

I’ve come around to the topic and have flipped the vote to “Agree”.

  • The ultimate purpose of the proposal is to prevent dilution to other xRuler stakers while enabling team + advisor tokens to be staked into xRuler.
  • the ~240 bps annualized run-rate is not onerous, does allow for team taking out DAI
    for expenses + adequate compenstation, and does introduce alignment of interest as well as making xRuler the go-to instrument for future collaborations.